Flying with Fidgety Toddlers: Plane Travel Hacks

Traveling with small children can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to flying on a plane. As parents, we all know how fidgety and restless toddlers can get, and the thought of keeping them entertained and calm for a long plane ride can be overwhelming. But fear not, with the right preparation and hacks, flying with fidgety toddlers can be a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your little ones. Whether it’s a short flight or a long haul, these tips will help you conquer the challenges of plane travel with your little ones.

Make Sure To Choose the Right Flight Times

Choosing the right flight times can make a big difference when traveling with fidgety toddlers. Try to book flights during times when your child is normally awake and alert. This will help reduce the chances of them getting cranky and restless during the journey. Additionally, consider scheduling your flights around meal times so that you can use snacks as a way to keep your little one occupied and happy. Bringing their favorite snacks and treats can be a great way to distract them and make the flight more enjoyable. By planning ahead and being mindful of the timing of your flight, you can set yourself up for a smoother travel experience with your fidgety toddler.

Pack Snacks and Entertainment Options

Traveling with fidgety toddlers can be a challenge, but packing snacks and entertainment options can make the journey a little easier. When it comes to snacks, opt for a variety of bite-sized treats that your child loves. Snacks can serve as a distraction and keep them occupied during the flight. Consider bringing healthy options like fruit slices or granola bars, as well as some indulgent treats like cookies or gummy snacks.

In terms of entertainment, pack a variety of options to keep your little one entertained. Coloring books, sticker books, and small toys are great choices. Don’t forget to bring headphones and load up a tablet or smartphone with their favorite shows or movies. You can also create a special travel activity kit with puzzles, mini-games, and interactive toys to keep their minds engaged.

By having a selection of snacks and entertainment options, you’ll be well-equipped to keep your fidgety toddler happy and occupied during the flight.

Utilize Early Boarding and Pre-Boarding Options

Utilizing early boarding and pre-boarding options can be a game-changer when flying with fidgety toddlers. Many airlines offer early boarding for families with young children, allowing you to get settled in and prepare before the rush of other passengers. This extra time can make a world of difference in reducing stress and ensuring a smoother start to your flight. Pre-boarding options, such as stroller check-in or gate-checking bulky items, can also make navigating the airport and boarding process much easier. Taking advantage of these options will give you the opportunity to get your little one situated, gather any necessary items, and avoid the hassle of struggling with a stroller or bulky gear in the busy airport terminal. So be sure to inquire about early boarding and pre-boarding options when booking your flight.

Don’t Forget To Pack Extra Clothes

Accidents happen. That’s why it’s important not to forget to pack extra clothes in your carry-on bag. I usually pack an extra set of clothes for each child and one shirt that both my husband and fit into. Whether it’s a spilled drink, a diaper leak, or an unexpected sickness, having spare clothes on hand can save you from a major headache. Don’t forget to pack a plastic bag to store any soiled clothes, so you can keep the rest of your belongings clean and odor-free. We have used our spare clothes numerous times thanks to our son who gets airsick.

Harness the Power of Surprises

Traveling with fidgety toddlers can be a challenge, but one way to keep them engaged and entertained during a flight is to harness the power of surprises. Kids love the thrill of discovering something new, so bring along a few surprise items to keep them entertained. These can be small toys, games, or even a new coloring book with their favorite characters. Just make sure to save these surprises for moments when your little one is starting to get restless or bored. When they open the surprise, it will instantly grab their attention and keep them occupied for a while. The element of surprise can work wonders in distracting your fidgety toddler and making the flight more enjoyable for everyone. So, remember to pack a few surprises in your carry-on and use them strategically throughout the journey.

Make Frequent Bathroom Trips

Traveling with toddlers often means dealing with their unpredictable bathroom needs. To make your journey smoother, be proactive and make frequent bathroom trips. Even if your child insists they don’t need to go, encourage them to try. This will prevent any last-minute emergencies during the flight. Plus, walking to the bathroom gives them a chance to stretch their legs and burn off some energy. When you reach the bathroom, make sure to have all the essentials like wipes, hand sanitizer, and a change of clothes. By making frequent bathroom trips, you can minimize any accidents and ensure a more comfortable and stress-free flight.

Keep Calm and Carry On

It’s important to keep calm and carry on. Remember, your little one can pick up on your stress, so staying calm and composed will help them feel more at ease. Take deep breaths, remind yourself that this is just a temporary situation, and try to stay positive. Engage your child in conversation or play simple games to distract them from any restlessness. Remember, this is a learning experience for both of you, and it’s okay if things don’t go perfectly. Take each moment as it comes, adapt to any challenges, and embrace the adventure of traveling with your family. By keeping calm and carrying on, you can make the most of your journey and create lasting memories – even if it involves air sickness like my memories!

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